Admission to Nursery

Please view the Nursery admissions booklet (Free Early Education and Childcare for 2, 3, and 4 year olds) on Stockport Local Authority website ( This booklet outlines the settings available in the Cheadle / Gatley area, the arrangements for applying for a nursery place and the priority criteria for admissions is outlined.

You will need to apply separately for a primary school place, even if your child attends one of our Nurseries. Admission to a nursery class does not give any priority for a place in our reception classes.

Admission to Reception

Our schools follow the Local Authority admission arrangements for primary schools, which is published in the annual booklet from the Children and Young Peoples Directorate. Applying for ‘Primary School Booklet’ is available on line at ( A copy of the admissions policy is also available on this link.

The booklet gives further details on the admission criteria for community schools. An application form should be completed on line. A telephone helpline is available on 0845 644 4313

Admission to Secondary

Admissions to Stockport local education authority schools are based on priority areas. Our schools do not decide which students will be given a place at the school. 

Enquiries about admissions should be made to the - Education Office at Stockport Town Hall on 0161 480 4949 or you can view more information the Local Authority website.

To apply for a place, please go to:

Our Published Admission Numbers are:

Bredbury Green Primary School: 45

Gatley Primary School: 60 

Meadowbank Primary School: 60

The Kingsway School: 270

Werneth School: 250



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