Our Trust Team

The Education Learning Trust operates with a small central team as the core business happens in our academies. The Trust uses a range of expertise and services from external consultants and partners to meet our academies specific needs and requirements including school improvement, legal, audit, finance, human resources and payroll.

Central Team

The following individuals are key points of contact in the central team:

Chief Executive Officer – Michelle Murray

The CEO/ Executive Principal of the academies works closely with trustees, governors and Headteachers in the ELT to secure the vision for our learners.

(See Pen Portrait in Trustee Information)

Director of Finance – Laura Shaw

Our accountant leads the strands of work around Finance and Risk Management for the Education Learning Trust.

Operational Lead - Sarah Gower-Jones

Our Operational Lead co-ordinates and manages the administration of the operations of the Education Learning Trust.

HR and Compliance Manager - Jill Jones

Our Business Manager is responsible for the business management of our primary schools.

ELT School Improvement Team

Our school improvement team includes:

* Our academy improvement partners work with schools to develop the highest quality leadership which impacts on learning and teaching. Our partners have national and regional school improvement experience and lead learning reviews with our leaders, which contribute to the ELT self-evaluation processes.

* System leaders who are talented leaders and teachers (NLE, LLE and SLEs) accredited by our National Teaching School, provide JPD and focused support for schools.

* Working alongside the CEO, the Trust School Performance Lead supports the coordination and monitoring of school improvement work across the ELT.

Marketing and Communication Lead

Our marketing and communication lead develops the identity of The Trust and managing external communications such as websites, newsletters and social media.

Academy Leaders

Our Academy Leaders play a central part in the strategic development of the Education Learning Trust.

Janine Appleton, Headteacher – Meadowbank Primary School

Andrew Conroy, Headteacher - Werneth School 

Jo Lowe, Headteacher - The Kingsway School

Vanessa McManus, Executive Head - Gatley Primary School and Bredbury Green Primary School

Helen Moorcroft, Head of School - Bredbury Green Primary School

Gemma Norman, Associate Head - Gatley Primary School

Other Partners:

The following partners are use to support the working of the Education Learning Trust.

Browne Jacobson

Legal advice and support to Trust/Schools.

Human Resources.


Auditors for the Trust

Browne Jacobson

General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR)

Policy development and legal advice.


Website design and management.


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