The Importance of Identity and a Unique Curriculum


As Head of one of the schools in the Education Learning Trust it has been paramount to us that we retain our identity as the Trust grows. We are lucky to be part of a Trust that promotes the importance of a curriculum that is shaped by our children and, as one of its academies, encourages freedom to do this. 

Each school has been given the opportunity to consult with children and staff about how they feel they are unique and what they are entitled to expect from their curriculum. As a result, we have drawn up a ‘curriculum intention’ that captures what our children value most in their learning and also what staff feel is relevant to them as they grow.


As a Trust we continue to develop a curriculum model that is implemented in all schools with each school contributing their own distinctive elements as they enter the Trust.


Consistent yet autonomous! 


Vanessa McManus (Head of School Gatley Primary)




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