What is the Education Learning Trust striving to achieve?

By securing our commitment and values, we expect learners to: 

  • be self-aware and enthused by excellent teaching and learning
  • access a safe, nurturing and caring learning community so they thrive
  • be innovators and researchers, empowering them to shape their own learning journey
  • share the best educational practice through collaborative approaches
  • make a contribution to school improvement

How will we achieve this?

In our Trust Charter, we outline key expectations for children, the curriculum, the staff, governors and leaders within our schools. In order to fulfil these expectations, the Trust endeavours to create a culture where:

  • dialogue is open
  • individual talent and expertise is acknowledged to enable it to grow
  • practice is shared
  • reflective practice is essential to development
  • innovation is owned by all
  • all are accountable for achieving the highest academic standards

We aim to achieve this through creating a supportive but challenging culture of change to improve and continue developing.

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